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Gilt Darter Percina evides

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The Aquatic Diversity Lab embraces all forms of diversity, whether they be underwater taxa or of a human nature.  We encourage interested students to inquire about joining the lab and strive to be an inclusive and supportive group.

Students interested in furthering their education through graduate study are encouraged to contact Dr. Jacob Westhoff to inquire about opportunities.   Students are only accepted into assistantships when funding is available, so please do not apply to the Graduate School at Mizzou without first contacting Dr. Jacob Westhoff to discuss available positions.

Yes, it is a paid experience

Graduate assistantships in the Aquatic Diversity Lab are covered by project funds and therefore cover student stipend, tuition, and insurance.  The student may be responsible for some fees, but the idea is that the student can approach the experience as a paid job and have the financial coverage to avoid the need for a second job or  significant loans.

Jacks Fork River,  Shannon County, Missouri

Digger Crayfish Creaserinus fodiens and burrow

What we look for in a student

Our graduate program requires a U.S.  bachelor's degree or it's equivalent from an accredited institution.  They also suggest a 3.0 GPA in the last 60 semester hours and >50% score on the verbal and quantitative portions of the GRE.  However, the GRE is optional and not required to apply.  We will also consider students that may not meet those suggested benchmarks if they have applicable skills and experiences that make them competitive.  Some of the most desirable traits for potential lab members include a strong passion for conservation, ability to work well with other on a team, strong work ethic, interest in applied work, demonstrated strong verbal and writing skills,  extensive field or lab experience,  quantitative capacity, and prior experience conducing research and publishing results.

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Beaver Dam on small stream

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