Graduate School at Mizzou

Graduate School at Mizzou

Students in the Aquatic Diversity Lab can pursue a master's or PhD in Natural Resources with an emphasis in either Fisheries and Wildlife or Water Resources.

The University of Missouri is a land-grant institution and member of the Association of American Universities with an enrolment of 23,000+ undergraduate and 6,000+ graduate students. This large footprint ensures many resources are available to students and makes MU a diverse and inclusive campus.

Columbia, Missouri

Columbia is situated in the middle of the state of Missouri only 30 minutes north of the state capital and less than two hours from the major metropolitan areas of Saint Louis and Kansas City.

Often highly ranked among the best places to live in the United States, Columbia boasts a genuine college-town feel with lots of shops, restaurants, parks, trails, cultural events, and outdoor attractions.


Developing conservation professionals through graduate education is a challenging and rewarding experience for everyone involved. Each student and their research project requires a unique and dynamic approach tailored to meet the needs of the student and the funding agency. The most important aspect of the relationship between a graduate student and advisor is open and honest communication, and communication abounds in the Aquatic Diversity Lab.

Aquatic Diversity Lab Student Orientation Manual

Visual survey for Ozark Cavefish Troglichthys rosae in hand-dug well

Aquatic Diversity Lab at the University of Missouri - Dr. Jacob Westhoff